Tuesday, May 10

You go first

I have been feeling a little apprehensive about my boy issues and stuff. I talked to my second mom about it. Never talk to this woman if you don't want the truth!

She told me that I need to give people a chance more than I do. I try to keep people at arm's length sometimes for reasons that don't really make sense. Ever have one of those conversations where what the person is saying makes so much sense that you can't even speak? Try as you may, there are no words with which to argue? That was me tonight. I just couldn't argue with her at all. What she said was such truth that I felt God impressing upon me to listen. So I did.

And I ended up calling the guy I went out with last week. His cell went straight to voicemail. So, I told him that I called to say "hi" and I wanted to know if he wanted to go see Episode III with my friends and I. He called back within two minutes, and said that he would love to go see the movie with us. (Whew!) Then he told me that it was funny I called because he was just thinking of calling me.

Tomorrow is his birthday and he and some friends are going out to Otani for sushi. I never say no to sushi. I don't care who you are. Ask me to go eat sushi, and I am so in.

So, I am seeing him again tomorrow. I'm a little nervous and cannot believe that I am going out with him again. When did I decide that dating was cool? I have been running from guys for so long, but here I am getting to know one in a dating context. It's kinda cool - and crazy - all at the same time.

We shall see what happens...

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