Saturday, May 14

Totalement passionnan'au sujet de ce week-end !

Hung out with the girls tonight. Got my hair done. Well, streaked. Skunk - striped really. Which is funny, because this was cool when I was in high school. Got to spend time with Jeanna. She went crazy on her hair. It is so rad, though and I am so proud of her for risk - taking. Jen got to show off her mad coloring skills too. She really knows what she is talking about. God really blessed her with a talent for making girls feel pretty. Hee hee.

Hanging out with Ben tomorrow night, and we're going to Vineyard's Saturday night service. I am totally stoked, because I love Vineyard's worship. It's freakin' awesome! Jen is coming. She really needs Christian friends right now, so I'm honored to take her. Hanging out with Ben has opened up opportunities for my friends to branch out a little. Jeanna said she'd love to go to his small group all summer. It's a Vineyard/Joshua House group, so it makes me happy that she is open to God's way, not just the doctrine she grew up with. You know what I'm saying? Not all people will do that. Some people put God in a box. I really respect Jeanna for sharing things like that with me. It's cool! Her friend, Lauren, came too and she liked it. Lauren and Jeanna will both be here most of the summer from college, and I hope that we can all hang out a lot. That would rock!

Yeah, so SJ flies back from CLC in Cali on Sunday I hear. I am so excited to see her! We have grown pretty tight over the past year. She is going to a deliverance conference with me this summer, which not many of my buds would go to that due to the "pentecostal" nature of it. Which is hard sometimes that not all of my friends get involved in stuff that I'm into. Some of them just do whatever they think is cool and I have to cross to "their" way of thinking, not always wanting or intending to change other people's beliefs. Which I gladly do, they are my friends. It's just lonely sometimes when I have to do things by myself because I know other people won't be into it. So, it's cool that Ben is a friend and into that stuff. It's so cool that he's into Jason Upton. So cool.

Things seem to be going really well right now and I am super excited about that! I know it won't last forever, so I am just along for the ride. Which is odd, because I am usually waiting for the ball to drop. Thanks, God, for helping me see how you have changed my heart. You're so amazing, and I love you so much.

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