Monday, May 30

Who knew?

So, today was sabbath. In all senses of the word.

After church we went back to Julie's, ate leftovers, and we all napped. For like 3 hours.

Upon waking we all got ready and went to eat Indian food at Ghandi Indian Restaurant. It was so good. Julie hated it. She ate a spice and freaked out on us, but Gina and myself enjoyed every bite. My mouth waters at the mention of lamb curry. It is so amzingly good. Love the stuff.

Tomorrow, it's off to the strip to see Madame Tussaud's, the fountains at Bellagio, Sirens of TI and the cheesiest possible giftshop we can find.

I lovee cheesy touristy giftshops. Love 'em.

I have been thinking of getting my nose pierced while I am here. Random, but I have wanted to do it since I was like 15. I finally have a job where I can wear that kind of thing. No job. Heh heh. I don't know if I will do it or not. Kind of a thing I have been throwing around in my head.

Also, Julie bought a MiniDV camera. And I have geek envy. Oh, I want a digital video camera so badly. Especially for my DTS/outreach. How cool would it be to film the kids I work with instead of just taking pictures of them?

I got hit on by some random guy at a 7Eleven tonight. Look, I am not coming to the west coast without getting a Slurpee, okay? On the way out some old guy was like, "You've got nice dimples. Dimples always were my weakness, baby." I hate it when guys call me baby. It's icky. It makes me feel dirty. I don't know. It might be different with my husband someday, but for right now, not so much.

So, I called Ben twice today. What the jank? I have talked to him at least once a day while out here and also emailed him some days. I am so smitten, it's not even funny. He's just so amazing. So good for me. I cannot even explain what God has been able to teach me about myself because I am speding time with Ben. It's just so awe - inspiring.

My heart hurts being away from him right now. What's that about? It's just, like, so painful. I am enjoying my time in Nevada, but I am also ready to see him again. I totally welled up with tears today when I thought about him. So, I called him and busted up his time with his friends. Which I feel kind of badly about. I just had to hear his voice; I miss him dearly.

When I talk about this "Ben stuff," Gina's hubby, Ryan, says, "Ew! You're getting your happy all over me!"


I'm actually happy about this relationship business too. I'm so over freaking out about it. And it's totally God's doing, because I was ready to live it up and stay single. It's so cool that God did that for me. Hmmm...

Who knew?

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JeannaBelle said...

girl, you're so funny. i'm glad your least one of us is.