Friday, May 6

Note to self: Christian guys don't necessarily make bad dates

So, I had a lot of fun.

It was so good to be around Christian young people on fire for Christ. Ben took me to his small group, which is really more like a home church to me. There were like 35 people there! That is not a "small" group! These kids were really into worship! I love worshipping God through music. It's so amazing!

Ben is polite, a conversationalist, and we totally have a lot in common. He loves Jason Upton's stuff. All around, I'd give tonight an eight. (He missed a couple points cause he didn't open the car door for me. That's big! Hee hee!)

It was kind of like hanging out with a friend though. I don't know. Is that what "Christian" dates usually feel like?

Anyway, it was a good experience. I got to ride in the back of his friend's jeep, and I had never ridden in an "open - top" jeep before. That was cool! Cold, but cool. (Temps were kinda low tonight.) Haha! Heh. Ahem...

All right. Time to go; I'm not making any sense.

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