Sunday, May 1

Everybody[else]'s working for the weekend

So, I had a really awesome weekend!

Becca came up and I spent a ton of time with her yesterday and today. We visited Old Navy (Where I bought a shirt for $1.97!) lb, Avenue and Barnes & Noble. (Although neither of us bought much.) We ate 1/2 price boneless buffalo wings at Applebee's, which was an old past time of ours. I got to really share what is going on with her now, what happened during her DTS, and what's to come in her life. I felt like we reconnected. It was amazing. I have missed her so much!

I had two birthday - count them, two - birthday parties to go to. One at Magic Mountain and one at Chuck E. Cheese. It was like re - living my childhood all over again, and I only spent $.75! (Cause friends bought my dinners/lunches. Thanks, guys!)

I got to spend some time with Tom & Trish this weekend too. I think they are so cool. It's been such a blessing to hang out with them.

This weekend was eventful!

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