Wednesday, May 4


My mother makes me want to use words I choose not say out loud.

Lies. Lies. More lies.

God why is Satan attacking me so when it comes to my mother?


Amanda27 said...

Hi Meg, I'm sorry you are having such a rough time right now. That blows. I'm praying that God will help you find joy in every little thing!
Soooo you have a date tomorrow night? Awesome. That's cool that it will just be at a bible study, totally pressure free and you can see how he is around other people. It's even better than a movie, cause you can't tell a lot from sitting with someone in the dark (well usually). And you get to meet other Christians so that's WAY cool. Try and have a good time!
The schools you are doing sound really good. I couldn't imagine doing a school in vegas, don't like that city one bit! But in a Christian setting that God called you too that would be an awesome experience.
I do not have aim only msn (which is my e-mail address). I will ask my dad about downloading aim, since it's his computer.
I agree with the whole foster/adopting thing. I myself am adopted! So I think anyone who does it is pretty cool :)
This weekend we are taking our youth group to aquire the fire. I'm really excited about it. We have a few kids bringing their friends who aren't saved so pray God prepares their hearts! Also, friday I'm supposed to meet with the vp of the base here about praying about taking that representative job through global target network. I already told my boss I needed off early for atf but told her maybe 3:30 now I will have to leave before 2! So pray that she doesn't find it a big deal and okay's it. She will be out of town anyways. The secretary went home sick today so pray she is better by friday (hopefully tomorrow) so there will be NO reason for me to have to stay till 5. If I had to stay till then I probably wouldn't get there till 8 and it starts at 7. And forget trying to find them in an arena or cell phones working to find them. Anways, i'm trying not to stress about. Pray the day goes smoothly and I make it everywhere I need to be on time.
K, hope your day is better and don't forget to give me every detail of tomorrow night ;) I have to live vicariously through other peoples relationship, lol.

Amanda27 said...

p.s. how do you get those links on the side there? I haven't figured that out yet.