Sunday, May 29

Mountains are gauh - goeus

Me in front of the mountains outside Vegas.

I took this pic right before we went into church.

We went to two churches this morning. Both were great! We just wanted to explore and see what LV has going on in the JC Department.

One can meet the Lord anywhere, regardless of worship style. It's okay to prefer one style over another, however, it's not okay to put other "styles" of worship down. God really showed me that this is an attitude in myself I need to change.

Check out either one of these churches if you happen to stop by the Las Vegas area. They both have a good amount of young people in the church. If you're into more free worship, I recommend going to The Church at South Las Vegas. It was amazing!!

The Church at South Las Vegas

The Crossing

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JeannaBelle said...

i've learned about these mountains and this entire area in my geography classes. I can't wait to see them in July!!!!