Thursday, May 26

It's my vaca, and I'll blog if I want to

So, I can't sleep. I'm stuck in my own personal hell.

I'm jet - lagged and tired, but I cannot sleep. I drank caffeine today. Three, count them, three, glasses of Pepsi. (Bad Meggie!) I have been trying to cut caffeine out of my diet for like 2 months. Mistake drinking it today of all days...

So now I am tired, feeling sick to my stomach and really wanting to get some shut eye. However, my brain is wide awake. Where's the freakin' off switch?!

Side Note: If I drop something, I may say "frick," and I have realized that people think I am cussing. It could kill my Christian integrity with some. My mom said that I have no right to tell her not to cuss at me if I say things like "frick" or "frickin' ". You know, I think she may be right. Ben thought he heard me drop an f - bomb the other day, which I really don't think I said. Not that he would lie about it, I just don't think I said it. But if I said "frick," I could see how he might think that I said the other word. So, I think I need to stop saying that word, "frick." And drinking caffeine. Both of which I have tried to stop lately, but I am having a little difficulty. Ugh. Pepsi. Stinkin' nectar of the gods! They just make it too tasty.

I am totally sleepy. My head hurts, but I took some Excedrin earlier. Crap! That has caffeine in it, doesn't it? Maybe that's why my brain is overactive.

Vegas is crazy. Lights as far as the eye can see. Then a mountain range. I kind of feel like I am in another country because everything looks so different. Every house and apartment complex is stucco. Not a fan of stucco. On the strip, every sign is lit up like mad at night; it's completely gorgeous. Even the CVS has a sign out front that looks like a casino sign!

Why does prime rib only cost $6.95 in Vegas? :)

I cannot wait to go to the shops at the Bellagio tomorrow. There is a Tiffany & Co. there. Ooooooohhh. Yay! I like to shop. Even if I don't have a lot of money to spend, I like to shop. I am such a girl, or a recovering tomboy. Whatever.

Julie's apartment is so pretty. I really like the design of it. The floors in the kitchen and bathroom are a dark color of wood . Very chic. Her bathroom is huge and it has a mirror that covers the entire wall. We went out to eat tonight and all three of us got ready at the same time in the bathroom! Plus, the dog was in there with us cause he wanted attention. Hey, there's no way I can put on lipgloss and pet a dog at the same time. Sorry, Ziggy.

We ate at a casino buffet that was pretty darn good. I enjoyed it. Vegas has good eats everywhere. We saw all kinds of good restaurants. We so have to go to In&Out Burger while we're here. I've heard they have good food, but I've never been to one of those reataurants.

We rode the elevator to the top of the Stratosphere Hotel & Casino tonight. (That's the place that looks like the Seattle Space Needle.) The view was phenomenal! It made me well up with respect for God, because I felt so anonymous, being above all those lights. But God never thinks of me anonymously. He thinks of me as an individual, in spite of all the people on the earth. How cool is that?! I felt so small looking down and realizing my size in comparison to the whole earth. How I feel is irrelevant to the truth of God's love for me. Amazing that in "Sin City" I could even have time to think of God in that way.

Tomorrow, Gina and I are going to tour the Vegas YWAM base. (Technically offices.) Wooooooohoooooo! I am so excited! I really want to talk to the staff about their programs. How cool would it be to do a W.I.S.E. School here? It would be so awesome if I could do that. As long as it's not in the summer, cause Vegas is totally too hot. Haha!

It was 107 degress at one point today. No, thank you. I'm not complaining. Just saying. That's when one tends to sweat standing still. No, thank you.

I wish I could go see Tom Jones while I am here. I love Tom Jones.

Uh, that was random.

Whoa! I just realized that if I go by Ohio time, I am technically up at 5:15am!!


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