Wednesday, January 6

Truth is

If I let someone else's terribleness and bad thoughts about me run or ruin my life, it's because I gave them that power.

It is a choice. I revoke that choice right now. I will not let those things do to me what evil would love and that is--break me.

I am a rare and beautiful flower who blooms in diversity and is cherished. If you don't cherish me, that is your loss. Frankly, it's sad that you would choose that path. Ever. But still your choice and right to make it.

 I will always walk the path of forgiveness with someone who has wronged me or whom I have wronged, because it is the right thing to do. I will not let unforgiveness bring a curse upon me. I've far too much for which to live.

I love when people can come back and work things out even after a rough patch in their relationship because that means that love wins.

And just saying love wins isn't enough. One must walk it out.