Monday, May 2

D - day is Thursday

"Date" Day is Thursday.

This lady at my church works at an elementary school in town and she set me up with a teacher from the school. We are going to hang out this Thursday; he is taking me to his small group. Group settings take the pressure off, so I am cool with that.

I am pretty excited to meet someone new, but I have to admit I feel a little nervousness reminiscent of high school. He was totally polite, and he seems nice. That will help me be calm. I have never gone on a date with a bona fide Christ - following guy before. I've barely dated at all in my life.

I don't know what's happened to me lately, but I am like totally taking chances all across the board! Mission work, no job, living with people I barely know, going on a blind date... I totally think it's funny that I am technically going on a blind date.

Anyway, a good friend once told me, "How will you ever know what works unless you put yourself out there and try?" I think that was good advice.

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