Monday, July 11

Prone to fits of crying

That's me. Prone to fits of crying. Nice to meet you.

I'd swear my doctor is going to think I'm nuts. (Luckily she's a friend of mine, so she's seen me at good points also.) Everytime I go into her office, I seem to be dealing with something emotionally overwhelming. The woman simply asks me how everything is going and I start to cry. I just can't lie to her. I just can't! I can't fake it in front of her either.

And today, that's how it went. "How are you doing, Megan?" she said. I sighed, "I'm doing...(Insert random crying noise here) crappy right now..." And that's how it was. I totally am not together. And I'm not pretending to be. Although, I did have a good day working at the church with Izzy. He was pretty much the only one I really interacted with today. I just had a great morning and afternoon, and I didn't cry once!

Izzy has become a great friend to me over the years. I seriously love that kid to death. We have gone fist to cuffs a couple of times, but that's nothing compared to the bond we've shared in the Lord. Izzy is always there when I need an ear. And I needed an ear today.

I talked to my mom and she is really down. I swear half of her physical problems are so untreatable because of her attitude. But then again, I'm not a doctor.

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