Tuesday, July 5

It's not about the fireworks!

So, I was sitting at home thinking about today being the first Fourth of July that Ben and I have spent together and we're not going to see fireworks together. That's dumb. He's going to go see fireworks, why don't I go with him? Duh.

So, I went and hung out with him and the people he was with which was cool. Then I went over to his apartment until like one in the morning. We talked so much about some pretty deep stuff. I was totally shocked how much we talked about.

And to think that I almost missed it pains me greatly. I was kind of being a brat earlier, saying that I didn't want to go with him. It was funny in a way, because I didn't even consider his feelings about spending time with me. I mean, we did spend some serious time together this morning at Jason & Sarah's house. You know, playing Soul CaliburII. That's pretty stinkin' serious too. You know...

Back on a serious note, I am so glad that God has put us together because Ben really opens up to me about things. He's pretty open. He'll get more open as time goes on too. I know I have to earn his trust in a way, which is okay with me. I wouldn't really want to be with anyone that let me bully them into telling me stuff. I'd much rather let the person choose to open up. Things are much more beautiful that way.

Wow, I am really mixing being serious on here with random silly jokes and stuff in my head, so I know it's time to go now.


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