Wednesday, July 6

Please pray for my mom

My uncle just called me and said that she went into the hospital just a little while ago because she cannot breathe. The doctors cannot figure out why. They say it's psychosomatic. I know it's because she's afflicted.

And I know that I know how to pray for her, but I have no money to go home on. I can't even afford my insurance that is coming up in like two weeks. My car needs an oil change and I haven't the $$ for that either. Like no money at all. All my dough is going to bills. Ugh.

But I know that God will provide for me. That's his job. And he will take care of my mother. That's his job. If his will is for her to be healed, she will get it. If not through me, then through someone else.

But right now in spite of the truth in my heart, I have to cry. I am sad that my mom is living like this. God, please help her. Please help me to know what to do. We need your help, Lord.

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