Wednesday, July 13

I could really give a crap if I tried

But I don't feel like tryin'! So there!

I'm sick of crying, instead of shedding tears, I resorted to having a pretty darn good day. I am waiting on the Lord. Still not happy about the sitch I've gotten myself into. I don't have a choice though, so I am just going to accept my circumstances and suck it up.

Marion Christian Center is having a healing service on Sunday night if anyone wants healing prayer for his ailments. I am totally going. If for no other reason than to see God move. That would be amazing!!

I talked to a friend of mine tonight that I have not chatted with in so long. I missed it. The guy makes me laugh and really cheers me up when things get rough. He's a true friend. It was good to not talk about my situation for an hour, but just laugh and talk about funny stuff that has been going on in both our lives.

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