Tuesday, July 26

I was a little out of line...

in my last post.

I was really in the mood to be a shrew yesterday. I was sick and sleepy and got all crazy over something someone said. Because it made me feel stupid, I went a little above and beyond the call of the point I was trying to make.

I love my pastor.

I just hate it that this situation isn't being talked about. I hate it that when I mention the sitch or anyone involved, and I get wierd comments from people. And that emotion I have had to deal with for about a year now.

Regardless, I never should have selfishly let it get out in the manner that it did. I think that may have been a mistake. I have been posting things on my xanga (I started a xanga because a lot of my friends have it and they were too lazy to go to my blog.) by copying and pasting my blogger posts.

But today I realized that I offended a friend of mine by my last xanga post and so I shut 'er down and cancelled my account. Xanga sucks anyway. (o: Besides, I need a blog where I can be myself and not get all worried about who's reading it and getting offended.

So, here I am. Posting on my blogger blog solely again. I'm sorry I cheated on you, blogger, will you have me back?


Tigerbcc said...

We openned a blogger site so we could tell our friend Megan how much we love her. so if you see her, pass it along. :)

The Sasquatch said...

Have you spoken with the pastor(s) in question? If it's a church-related issue and they refuse to address your concerns, that sounds pretty sketchy to me.

But then what do I know...I don't even know which church you're talking about.

Meg said...

It's a long story, Sasquatch, but you know how these things happen. Churches are full of people and mistakes are made. And you either have to deal with them, or discuss finding a new church. Hehe.

The Sasquatch said...

Well feel free to rant about it, because if you can't rant about ananymously on a website, where can you rant?