Sunday, July 31

Nafu, I'm afraid I've been thinking

A dangerous pasttime. I know.

My life feels kind of boring right now. Like just blase. No real reason why. I mean, I've been working my bootie off this week. For real. I did a lot. I took on my first graphic design venture, and I have to say it looks pretty darn good. I spent literally hours on a brochure for the camp where I'll be a counselor next week.

I have to get laundry and junk in order really fast-like because I leave for pre-teen camp Monday night. I can't leave with the rest of the crew tomorrow afternoon. I have to wait until Monday because my heart appointment is Monday afternoon. I tried to reschedule, but I can't. Since I have no insurance I have to go to a clinic, and they only have a cardiologist there certain times during the year. The next time the doctor will be there, I will be in Seattle. I am not excited about this appointment at all. I am really nervous about it actually, but what can I do?

Anyway, I really hope that things get fun for me again soon. I don't like feeling all indecisive and unsure and lonely and post-sick and annoyed with my life. It's the suck. Seriously.

So I am going to dye my hair black, pink, platinum, blue, orange, and whatever else hair color I can get my hands on. Oooooo! I cannot wait! I just want to go crazy on it!

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