Wednesday, July 20

Campmeeting rocks my face off!

I am hanging in Mount Vernon this week. Campmeeting is this big thing where all the churches on our district get together for this big revival service, and we get our worship on.

In some ways (the Ben thing) I feel better than I have in weeks!

In other ways, new discouragements have come to the surface. Which proves once again, that if it's not one thing, it's another!

Oh well. I am getting to spend lots of time with Jason and his family, so that is awesome. I love furthering my relationships!

I am going to praise God no matter what, because he has given me a week of fun times. Singing on the praise team was totally awesome!

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JeannaBelle said...

camp meeting...ah...the memories...being a nazzy freak myself, campmeeting has been a part of my life for longer than i can 'rents met at camp meeting...and kissed for the first time at camp meeting (under the same tree marsha and kkevin kissed under for the first time) freaky weird, i know...must be a nazzy mofia thing, i dunno, where's my nazzy guy, kiss, and tree?