Saturday, July 30

I am in the mood to do something crazy

We're talking piercing (probably nose since I have wanted to do that since I was like 15), haircolor, something different.

I just got out of a relationship, I am getting restless to go to Seattle and I miss some of my friends.

So rather than start drinking I am going to do something rocked out with my body. Awww yeeeah!

I was inspired by these gals' hair. I found some really cool profile pics on myspace and thought I could go from there. I even made flyers that I can print out and take to my stylist.

Yay! I'll be calling you soon, Jen!

Pre-teen camp is next week, so I can't do anything until after then. Camp is going to be off the chain, man. I cannot wait until I get to hang with all of the young ones. It is going to be a blast!

I leave on Monday evening.

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The Sasquatch said...

If I had hair, I'd be right there with you. Unfortunately, Father Time has deemed the fuzz atop my dome an adequate payment of rent for my time thus far spent on planet earth. So do something strange with your hair and with some piercings for those of us who cannot.

And why not toss back a few cold ones as well!