Friday, April 1

Sin is not in

Sometimes I do things I shouldn't. I don't enjoy making bad decisions, but sometimes I just can't find the strength to persuade myself to get out of a situation when I know I will end up doing something I shouldn't. Sometimes I'm weak and I make mistakes.

The good news is that God is teaching me that temporary comfort is malevolently temporary. It's not harmless behavior. It can hurt me emotionally, spiritually and relationally. It breaks through cracks not yet healed, spreading harm throughout my life. Subtly at first, then blatantly placing itself in me and producing ill effects.

I am a wretched man, full of sin. However, I know that God can help me conquer these issues. I need to stay on the path toward things that aren't going to let God down. When I let him down, I feel like I let myself down. Luckily, he loves me no matter what and will let me recover with a simple admission of previous events. Before I know it, he replaces the jankity with
mercies new. (Check out the lyrics for Nichole's song and you will see what I mean.)


Amanda27 said...

Hi I do not know you, but we sure have a lot in common. I was doing a search on people who put ywam in in their interests. Where do you want to do your DTS? I just did mine in Kona, Hi. last feb. 04. It was awesome. I stayed on the base and staffed in the cafe for a month and then took the school of Digital Filmmaking. I also saw that you put homestarrunner, the best website EVER! k, won't make this too long, my blog is amanda27, take care. ~ Amanda

Amanda27 said...

p.s. I also love Francine Rivers and I saw you mentioned two of her books. Have you read the Mark of the Lions series yet? Those were the first of hers I read...amazing!!