Friday, April 29

Excuse me, ma'am. What language do you speak?

Tonight, I went to a birthday party for one of the kids from church and I had a really good time! It was at Chuck E. Cheese which made me laugh, because kids' stuff (Entertainment in general, really.) is so different from things in my day. (And that's how I know I am getting old.)

A family of hispanic people were there, and something about my mission mind makes me interested in folks from a different subculture or world culture than I come from. Which is a good thing.

So, friends of mine dropped their token for a machine and it rolled under the thing. This little boy with dark skin and dark hair bent down and reached under the machine to get it. I said, "Gracias!" attempting use of my limited Spanish vocabulary. Then I looked at the girl who I had heard speaking Spanish earlier and I said, "'Gracias' is about the only word I know in Spanish."

The kid's mom turned around and said, "Um, he's not Spanish."

I said, "Sorry, I thought he was with that family, whom I know I heard speaking Spanish earlier."

The mom smiled and promptly replied, "He only speaks English. We're from India."

I answered, "I am sorry. At least I tried unlike most white people."

The woman laughed.

Man, I am such a dork sometimes.

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