Wednesday, April 13

Up, Down, Up, Down

Curious how life is like a roller coaster at times. Not cool, nonetheless curious.

My unemployment got cancelled. Waiting to see if by some miracle it gets reinstated. Please God?

I had to have a test at the doctor the other day and I have to wait awhile for the results. I'm truthfully nervous about the whole thing. I'm not ready to share what the concern is with the general public, so please don't be offended if I decline sharing more information...

Just generally hanging in there I guess. Once again, I am in the place where I have to totally depend on Christ to provide for me. Which is really okay cause it's preparing me for YWAM. I won't have a steady income there either. Just an influx of cash as God moves in the hearts of his people as they send financial support.

Moved in with the family from my church on Monday. Haven't really been in the house at the same time as they have, but it's cool. I kind of like it that way right now. I just want to have some me time.

The couple has two kids. Seven, I think, and three. So cute! The house has all of these framed pictures and dedication certificates, music books and books on theology. I like it here. Wondering what God's purpose was in placing me here, but I know I just have to wait...

Sad that I haven't found a cool job yet. Well, just a job would be nice. I need to look for a night gig so's I can do the voice actor thing for my friend's company. I really want to do it. It is so cool being a cartoon character.

I have been hanging out with my friend Sarah and her new baby, Elleanna a lot lately. Sarah has a few weeks off of work and has been hanging out at home by herself, so I've been coming over and eating her food. (Since I haven't had any money, she has been graciously feeding me.) I've been helping with the baby: feeding, diapering, holding, watching while she takes a shower or naps. You know, fun stuff. Babies are totally cute. Even newborns, which is funny to say, because usually newborns look like naked rats until about 3 months. This baby is cute though. Elleanna is funny; she makes little sounds that make me laugh.

Even though, I can definitely wait to be a mom. I am enjoying being an aunt for now. Plus, I'm not dating anyone, so it isn't even an issue regardless. I have spent a lot of time around kids in the past year, and I have learned a lot about how little ones work. Children are so cool.

Anyway, if you're the praying kind, keep me in your prayers. My faith is growing right now and that is awesome. I can't wait for YWAM!!

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Lindsey said...

Hey There Megan! Hope all turns out well on the health front. -LJo