Wednesday, April 20

Gracie Lou Who and Amanda Bugette

The family I am living with has the cutest little three year old. Every time she walks by my room in the morning, she wants to know where I am and if I am sleeping; she adorably reminds her mom that yes, Meg does stay at our house now. I just love her to pieces! She wants me to play with her, hug her, kiss her and watch Dora the Explorer with her. She's so cute... I just can't take it!

Yes, world, I am an unofficial aunt again. Twice in one month!! Amanda was born today and I saw her in hospital. How exciting! Kylie Bug is officially a big sister now, and frankly I wonder how she'll handle it. She's had three years of not sharing attention and has already begun going a little crazy testing her limits. One can only speculate what will happen in the next few months.

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Amanda27 said...

Seattle is awesome. I love that city and I've only been there twice, lol. Actually the "Denver" base is only 3 minutes from my house. I say "Denver" cause it's actually in Arvada. I was going to go there originally for my dts in jan 02 but God had different things in mind. I've been there a couple of times. And almost every night after work I got to the pond/park behind the base and take a walk. It's as close to YWAM fellowship as I can get :( I know they have worship 3 mornings a week that they said I can join in but I have to work and it would make me at least an hour and a half late to work, bummer huh. Where is your friend going back to do a school? I know there are like 6 bases in colorado which is strange cause some states have none. K, talk to you later. Happy Aunt day!...unofficially :)