Monday, April 25

So not the drama!

That's pretty much the consensus today.

I did a ton of laundry. I'm not joking. Like five loads including my bedding and all of my clothes. When I woke up this morning, I had no clothes to wear. So I chilled in my house clothes all day.

On days like today, my brain kind of shifts into neutral. It's hard to explain, but it does. I cannot really verbalize thick, complicated concepts; so please don't ask.

I feel kind of sad about my mom today. I have prayed for her a lot. I really want her to experience peace in her life. I wish she wasn't so stuck in her rut. I also wish she was in better mental health.

You know, I want a mom who cares about honoring God above honoring anyone else. I may never get that, but I still want it. Nevertheless, I have decided to permit myself that desire as long as it doesn't run (or ruin) me.

I am still concerned about my test at the doctor's office.

I wish my brain could handle concepts better today.

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Amanda27 said...

Meg, I'm so sorry about the whole situation with your mom. I will be praying for her, that God opens her eyes and she will see herself the way He sees her! I don't think I would survive without seeing myself through God's eyes, his grace surely is sufficient!
That is cool your friend is going to be just a few blocks away from me :) What other schools are you thinking of taking? I have always been interested in film making since I could remember but it was that or missions. I spent a year debating after high school and then when I found out my non-christian parents supported my mission endeavors I went for it. I attended a four year mission school called bethany college of mission up in Minnesoooooota. Back then it was 1,600 dollars for ALL four years of college (including room, board, food everything but books and outreach fees). Now it is the price of almost any other school which really blows considering one of the reasons the school was started in the first place was so that missionaries wouldn't have school debts to pay off, now they've joined the ranks, tsk tsk. Oh well, glad I got it while I could. So anyways once I graduated it dawned on me that film could still be a mission field. I found out ywam had a film school and spent almost 3 years saving up for my dts and film school in Hawaii. The film program there is stinking awesome. There were about 20 of us but it was quite different I believe from any other ywam school. (imagine 20 of the most liberal ywamer's you've ever met) that about sums it up. But still really good.
So now I have this job at the production company but I'm not feeling God leading me so much into feature films (not secular anyway), at least not at the moment. And maybe not even films. I'm considering a full time job as a global target network representative for colorado and thinking maybe of staffing at the LA base in their film program or at the NY base in the performance arts DTS (which is also geared for producers). We will see what happens. Since you are 25 you are not too far behind me (I'm 27) do you feel the rush for a family yet? I REALLY want kids but know that the guy kind of has to come first :) and that is not exactly up to me and I want it to be God's perfect man for me. Of course I want the benefits that come along with the guy too :). Sometimes I think though my "kids" are just going to be the people around me I'm mentoring, which is when I have to pull on God's robe and say, "ahhh, not quite what I meant."
K, sorry, long enough "comment" I guess. ARe you wanting to be in front of the camera in the broadcasting aspect or behind the scenes role?
talk to you later, hope you have a great day and enjoy the clean clothes.