Wednesday, April 6

Perfect Provision

Let me tell you all that God is so on top of things! He totally knows what we want and what we need.

I have been doing some freelance work for the TV station I used to work for. Now that I am living north of Columbus after I am done house sitting, it's not really practical to drive an hour and ten to work. Plus, gas is outrageous and there was no room for me to carpool. I still wanted to help out though because I really love broadcasting! I totally loved holding a boom mic, even though I am truly not that good at it. (One would think that it wouldn't be hard, but it takes a lot of muscle and anti - vertigo. Two things I am not tops at.)

Anyway, I called and told my supervisor that I would not be able to help out this week due to house sitting and giving the young lady staying with me rides to school since she had car trouble. It was a hard decision to make. I love having a creative outlet. It's quite close to necessity for my personality. So I asked God to give me something to do.

Five minutes after I call my supervisor at the TV station, my friend Jason calls me and asks me if I want to be a cartoon character. Do I? He does some animation for a company in Worthington and they need a female voice actor. I said yes like it was a marriage proposal because I was so stinkin' excited! It's super part - time, but it pays very well.

God rocks! I don't care how cheesy I sound. I am so blessed!!!!!!

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