Wednesday, March 30

Eight Crazy Nights

In the past week, I have bitten by a dog, accosted while in my car by a nine year old with a gun (probably bb gun), become the object of a three year old's affection, fell in love with broadcasting all over again, swallowed my pride (and discounted my foot phobia) and rubbed a friend's feet, became an aunt - even though I am an only child, learned the value of a good game of "Mafia", was blessed to find that I have a place to live until I go to YWAM, and spent an hour and a half connecting with a friend.

God is so amazing, and so good to me.


sarah said...

wow that is a lot of news. the good news is you have a place to live and you are an aunt.. i wish i was there. i feel as if i am missing out on a life i should be living..

Meg said...

What the heck? No way. You are exactly where God wants you. Keep your heart in Cali till it's for sure time to come home.

...But I do miss you.