Friday, March 4

Achoo! Hack! Hack! Sniff!

I feel... like crap. Illness began my day; my whole body hurts. Who gets up in the morning and then 20 minutes later takes a two hour nap? Come on.

I had skit practice tonight, and that was about all I did beside applying for jobs. I am bored with the job search. I am bored with having nothing to do. I am sick of being rejected by potential employers.

I've had something going on every day (or night) this week. That has been a good thing, I guess, 'cause in theory I can't get bummed about things if I'm busy. I am a little bummed about some things right now honestly. But that's okay. I am going to let God handle it.

Cause feeling sick doesn't help me handle things very much.

I'm sick of girls, man. Being friends with girls is so wierd. I can say that. I am one. I don't get chicks, and I am one. But then I really don't get guys either, so maybe I don't get anyone but me. Wait. I don't get myself. Maybe I just don't get it.

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sarah said...

Dude I am with you. I think the only thing we could do is try to get ourselves and try to be nice to everyone else that we don't get... well then again..... i don't know either.. JUST LIVE

oh and jesus helps