Tuesday, March 1

Top ten reasons I had a fantabulous day

  1. I get to baby - sit Pastor Mike's kids tomorrow.
  2. I got to see Becca today. I haven't seen her in 5 months & really missed her!
  3. I had a nice dinner.
  4. I browsed Henri Bendel and Lane Bryant, and had fun even though I have no $$.
  5. I learned a lot about my housemate Gina.
  6. I got to see my good friend David who I have not seen in awhile.
  7. I went grocery shopping and bought cherry limeade, the nectar of the gods.
  8. I was told stories of miracles by my housemates.
  9. I watched American Idol.
  10. God affirmed my choice to apply to YWAM.

1 comment:

JeannaBelle said...

I'm glad you had an awesome day! Talk to you soon! Hey, if you talk to Becca, tell I said "YO!"
Love ya