Saturday, March 5

Adventures Abound

When I got home from baby - sitting for my pastor's children tonight, my neighbors' lights were on. ( Six girls share the house next door, and they are all Christians too. ) I popped over to catch up. I haven't talked to them since I decided to apply to YWAM, so I wanted to update them all.

Let me just say that the more I talk about how I am expecting God to do great things while I am at DTS, the more excited I get. I want to go now! Who is going to be on my team? Where will I go for my outreach? Vietnam? Thailand? Fiji? China?

I have been talking with poeple a lot lately about what is going on in other countries: AIDS in South Africa, poverty in India, disaster relief in Thailand. The more I talk with people about other cultures, the more excited I get to go on my outreach trip.

I cannot wait!

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