Thursday, March 3

Waiter, there's some crud in my soup!

Ugh. I am not feeling very well today. I think I have been fighting a virus for a couple of weeks. I have been feeling more tired than usual and my throat has been itchy on and off. Yesterday and today I really feel the crud coming on. I am out of my allergy medication as well and I think that's not helping the sitch. My head hurts.

I worked in the nursery at my church tonight and it was awesome! I love kids. I missed working with them. I get to spend three days this week with children: I sat for Pastor Mike's family last night, tonight I worked in the nursery and Friday I am sitting for Pastor Kevin's clan. I think God is keeping me busy this week so I won't get depressed. That's a very good thing.

Sorry I am not very eloquent tonight. I feel kinda solemn and cruddy. I need to go to sleep.

"I've got dreams
turn them into plans
they're too big
for human hands

Trust him and see you've got all the power you need"

I love that praise song. Southern gospel inspired, but good stuff.

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JeannaBelle said...

does anyone else think it's a little odd that meg spent the first paragraph talking about her illness, and then the next about how she spent so much time with kids? Way to pass the crud! You crack me up!