Friday, March 18

I'll take a long, tiring week with a side of crazy weekend to come

So, I am exhausted!!! (!!)

I had an amazing week. God is the coolest person I know! I was really blessed. He answered many prayers this week for me.

On Sunday I prayed for a job, and I got a call from my friend Rene who works for WSFJ. She wanted to know if I had found a job yet. Since I hadn't, she invited me to come help do some production work for a TV show that the station is doing. So much fun!

I love production! I'm not that good at it, okay I suck at it, but I totally love it. Plus, and even more than that, I love working for the station. That place has been foundational in teaching me a lot about faith. I don't care if it makes me a dork, I love it! The people are awesome and I really missed them! I could not be more happy to be back. Even if the job ends up just being for this week, I'm so grateful. The show I worked for is super funny too. I am so glad to be a part of it. So exciting!

I have been planning to go to Indiana with my friends Brian and Rachel for weeks. We leave in an hour or so. I am expecting miracles this weekend.

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