Sunday, June 5


I am still in an emotionally raw state.

I went up to my small group leader today after church and I ended up crying on her shoulder as she prayed for me. I admitted that I feel unholy lately because of my past and I feel not good enough for Ben, but I am trying to fight off those thoughts. I admitted that sometimes I greatly dislike my parents and I feel like they don't care about me at all.

She just immediately began to talk me out of that trap and I just leaned forward and cried on her shoulder for like 15 minutes, as she prayed for me. I really love Kathy. That lady has really been used by God a lot in my life.

So, I still fell crappy and I need to remedy it soon, because God has equipped me to fight against the attacks of the enemy. However, I have been too tired to do so lately.

Which is pretty immature of me.

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Amanda27 said...

Hi Meg, sorry I don't have much time to catch up on your blogs but I just wanted to tell you about this awesome website I found through ywamconnect
it's really intense I just bought the house party kit (2 dvd copies of the film). It is about children in Uganda, it is really intense. I showed the site to one of the youth leaders and she stoked about it, we are going to try to get all the area calvary chapel youth leaders together and brain storm, freaking awesome. Talk to you later, hope you have a great weekend! ~ amanda