Monday, June 6

Doing a lot better...

I have realized that I needed a day off. When I awoke at 10:15a, there was only one problem: I was supposed to be at the church at 9:30. So, I called and said, "You know what? I need a day to myself." And I'm taking it. Chilling. Eating some lunch. Drinking as much water as my body can handle. And that's how it's done folks.

The world will revolve with or without my heroic efforts today.

I need to take this day because I have been fueling my bad attitude and mood by not taking care of myself. When I am tired, I get emotionally raw. When I am in that state, the enemy comes in and makes my life seem sucky. Everything seems out of control and unmanageable, which is not usually how I feel. But there ya go.

Yesterday, when my small group leader was praying for me, I felt in my heart that if I would just take time to relax, these feelings would be less depressing. (Plus, she actually prayed that over me.) I have been under the spell of "the roadtrip blues" the past few days. No more of that! I'm over it.

So, I am resting today and reading up on some stuff Ben and I are researching together. Having someone to discuss the Bible with is so cool! Plus, he really challenges me to read and pray and seek God's answer on things.

I have seen him everyday since I returned home from Nevada, but we decided that we would just take a day off to get some stuff done. Tomorrow night we are going to dinner with Richard & Judy, providing they are well rested after a weekend of travelling. They are like parents to me, much closer to God than my birth parents and much more leaders to me than my birth parents. So, it's important for Ben to meet them. I am totally excited about it. It's funny though, because when I get married, I totally want the guy to ask Richard's permission, since Richard is more like a father to me than anyone on earth. So, I have a feeling that Richard and Judy will be asking lots of questions. They gotta look out for their "third child" you know. Haha. I am certain that Ben will like them, and they will like him as well. (I'll post what happens.)

Ben & I have been talking a lot about who we are and what we want from life. It has been amazing getting to know him more. We have shared some struggles that we have, what our pasts have been like, and what we would like to accomplish for God in the future. It has been really cool. We have set up some boundaries for our relationship, physical boundaries, and told other couples that we are friends with so that we can all hold each other accountable. It's been really nice.

I enjoy being with Ben's friends, as they have embraced me as their own. It's really exciting to see how God is answering my prayers for my friendships and for the friends that I would like to have. He has even granted (committed, serious, on fire) Godly couples for us to hang out with. God is so amazingly perfect in his timing and actions. He blows me away!

Anyway, I have a ton of things to do around the house.

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