Saturday, June 11

Order my steps today, Lord

And he did. God is so amazing, and I just cannot begin to tell you how amazing he is.

Becca, Ben (my boyfriend), the other Ben, Ben's girlfriend Bailey and myself all went to this tent revival thing down in Columbus at a homeless camp. It was a - stinkin' - mazing!!

God moved in such an amazing way tonight.

This lady was there with three kids who were all toddlers and the kids were so cute. I was playing with them and laughing and tickling.

I held the boy during worship and God touched my heart while I was holding him and I began to weep, crying out to the lord for children who are under privileged. This kid was dirty. He smelled. His diaper was full. But there he was in my arms, a beautiful creation in Christ. Handmade by the same being that made me.

God showed me tonight that I am gifted in evangelism, a gift that others have seen in me way before I ever did. God used me tonight in such a way that I just cannot even begin to tell you what he did in my heart toward the lost and poor.

Children are such a gift from God. They should be treated as such.

I wept for so long with Becca and Bailey. Just crying because of God's power that ran through me. I felt him so strongly tonight. It's like he was holding that child instead of me, which is so unique a sitch. I read earlier this week about this girl who was on a mission trip and had the same thing happen to her. When I read it, I was (praying) telling God that it would be so cool if I could be used in that way.

I am here to tell you, people, God answers prayer!

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