Wednesday, June 8

Meet the (Second) Parents

So, Ben met Richard & Judy tonight.

And it was amazing! They loved him! I knew they would, but still I am excited that everything worked so well. It is definitely confirmation that Ben & I are on the right track in our relationship.

Richard spoke to him like a son and I was moved to tears a few times. He spoke to us about our future in missions, truthfully warning us to seek wise counsel before making any rash decisions. We definitely took it to heart. I was really listening to what Richard had to say because I know how many people he has counseled throughout his walk with Christ.

As Ben spoke about his life and what he is about, Judy kept looking at me and smiling. Afterwards, we went into the bathroom and she was telling me how happy she was, hugging me with tears in her eyes. She said that Ben was very cute and that she could tell that he loved me. She said he is so into the Holy Spirit and that she was so glad to see me with someone like him. Judy has showed me God's spirit of adoption in the most beautiful way, and I am so grateful for that. She treats me like a daughter.

How amazing is God?

I used to not believe that God put people together romantically.
It is possible for God to do that, and now I see that I was wrong in my previous assumption. I shouldn't have put him in a box like that.

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