Tuesday, February 15

Things one will do out of boredom and insomnia

My life is like completely boring since I got fired last month. I just want to find a job and nothing is coming my way. I know that God will provide for me financially, so I am not really worried about that. I am a little frustrated that I have received no answers to my resume postings, however, I am also enjoying my much needed break from career life. My sleeping pattern is totally out of whack. (It's 3 in the morning right now.) Funny how old habits die hard. I used to stay up this late every night like two years ago. That was before WSFJ made an honest woman out of me, requiring me to work days. I was late a lot though, regardless of the fact that my boss would pull his hair out expecting me there at nine. I always have had trouble getting up early. I should be a bartender with the hours I naturally keep. I have been tired since like midnight tonight, but I laid down, curled up in my down comforter and could not fall asleep. So I opted to publish a blog.

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