Tuesday, February 15

Interview Hype + Sleep Dysfunction = Slacker Emotion

All right. I woke up at 1:30 today. I must admit the truth of my crappy sleeping habits. It's crazy that one can just sleep through lunch. Most of my friends are looking forward to the end of their work day right now. They have big plans for meeting up with each other, having a Mexican dinner and then running home to catch Smallville. I just got out of the shower, and I'm not even dressed for the day yet. I haven't left my house since Sunday night, truth be told. My friends all have cool hair, perfect faces or makeup and their business casual threads on. I feel like such a slacker. Okay, so I am being a little over - dramatic. It's part of my charm? Like I said last night/this morning, I am actually enjoying the break from office life.

Speaking of which, I received a call today, just after waking, from a radio station. They are looking for a traffic assistant, which is what my position was at WSFJ. It's about time I got an interview! I was way excited when I got the call from the "broadcast group", but after checking out the website, I am not so excited now. Probably because I never listen to the stations that the company owns. I've never worked in radio either which is a bit scary. At WSFJ, we had this new traffic person come in and she had a rough time adjusting to TV from radio. I know. I know. I'm not her...

I committed to God that I would follow wherever he led me, so I can't back out now. I decided not to do things half - way anymore and I need to be open to wherever I would be placed. I don't know what is going to happen in my life in the next few months. I am only living in this house until the end of March. That's when the girl I am subletting for comes back from Equador. So many unknowns exist in my life right now, and the only thing that gives me peace is God's promise that he has plans to proser me and not to harm me. Grace is a beautiful thing, when one lets it drive thought and emotion. That is a wonderful alternative to my feelings of slackerhood.

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