Saturday, February 19

I hate to be a Christian cliché, but...

I really think cussing makes one look uneducated. Call me judgemental if you want. I met my housemate's brothers tonight when we all went to see "Hitch". (Gina works at AMC and got us in for free.) Her older brother is close to my age and kind of cute - tall, dark, handsome, Italian. Whatever, the point is that when he cursed in front of me I thought to myself that he must be like... Well, I thought of him as unintelligent and so not at all cute anymore. The guy is working on his freakin' master's! He's supposed to sound more educated than that. I wonder if that's what people thought when I used to drop f - bombs all the time. Did I sound like white trash? Ugh. That thought makes me ill. The point of moving away from home was to learn what life was like outside of my upbringing. Anyway, I felt guilty afterward for thinking that. I just met the guy after all, therefore who am I to think such things?

I have standards for myself, as in not anyone else, and I try not to cuss. I'm not perfect though, and truth be told, I slip sometimes. I am usually a pretty open person when it comes to others. I mean, I accept people as they are and let them say what they want. I have no right to tell anyone what they can or cannot say in front of me.

Needless to say, I am not going to roll around in my guilt. That won't do any good. I just had to confess to someone that I thought it. Why not those reading my blogs?

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