Tuesday, May 23

Where have you been all my life?

So, I have had the most fun these last few days hanging out with my friends who have been in and out of my life these past few years. It's funny. I have wondered, out loud and to the people in the group, "Why haven't I hung out with you guys before? Where have you all been all of my life?" Yep. Funny. I totally realize that God has brought us together at this time for a purpose and for that, I am greatly thankful. It is love. Love between brothers and sisters. Love is the greatest gift, after all.

My mom emailed me on my birthday to tell me this:

megan your dad is very ill and says hes dying and would ike to see you before he
dies. me also. my family reunuion is saturday june 10th this year
and i would like for you to go with me because this may be the last for me to be
able to go. i expect you to be here soon.. if you dont have a
way i will see if someone can help. love mom enough time
has gone by already happy birthday sweet 27th

Yeah, uh. . . Thanks, mom. Happy Birthday to me! Wooo!

What the--?

I mean, that was just a lot of things I don't really want to talk about. But it was not this: love. Love, it was not.

And so I think I will let it go. I will trust that God will get me to where I need to go, when he needs me to be there. I will dismiss the self-depreciating thoughts that arise in my mind, and I will remember that I am a daughter of the most high God. The very creator of the world. The very author of love loves me dearly, and would never make me feel guilty or like I am less than what I am, for that is not in his nature. God's very nature is love.


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