Tuesday, May 9

I survived...

the yard sale. That almost killed me. I literally almost died last week from exhaustion. I am so over packing and unpacking and organizing and moving! Gah! Over it! Unfortuanately, I did not sell everything and I have to devise a plan as to where it is going to go and all that. Jason and Sarah said I could put some stuff at their house, but I am kind of feeling bad about having to do that. Thay offered though.

The cool thing about this yard sale is that I got to pray for a couple of people and I gave some money away to people that God told me to. I also had one of the girls come back and ask for more help. That was cool. Sarah and I took her out and filled up her trunk with groceries. Woot.

It's been a pretty sweet reminder of what my true calling is. This other stuff is all temporary. I am so over life without purpose. I'm glad God has given me one. That is really cool.

I want a job, man. I need some cash flow coming in for real. I don't want to go to Indiana right now, but deep down, I know it's time.

I think I am just tired right now. It's been a long week and weekend.

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