Monday, May 15

It's that time again

You know, it's been a few weeks since my last nervousness hit me. And it's hitting me. Again. Things are coming down to the wire. I need to get to Indiana and I am running out of money again. I hate money. I will be so glad to have a steady job. Man, what a blessing!

I have a little over just enough to get me to Indiana. Hey Megan! You wanna put all your eggs in one basket? Yes. Yes I do. (Nervous laugh.)

So, I figure it's time to put my myspace on here. I always hate linking things like that, I like to play things more aloof online really. But this time, I'm over it.

Meg's Myspace <------- Check it out. Comment. Leave some love. Whatev.

I am chillin', tryin' to get some stuff done so's I can leave.

Please keep me in your prayers, you guys.

God, you know what I need. I trust you. Just keep speaking to me and guiding me. I know I'll be fine. Thanks for everything you do to keep me protected and provided for. I love you.

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lipstickface said...

Watch what happens next Meg.
EVERY day God is going to come through for you and provide for you.

I hate how old I'm going to sound saying this - but you remind me SO much of me at this age in life.

Oh my goodness the struggles with cash flow - and trying to figure out what God wanted me to do next - it was so crazy! And such an adventure!

I know how exhausting it can get but I just want to give you a little hope and persepective spin by telling you a great foundation is being layed in your heart. It is God building trust in you for him. Faith, which is trust, has nothing to do with you. You cant make yourself have more faith. You can't make yourself trust someone. Think of someone you dont trust. Now try to make yourself trust them? See? You can't! Someone has to prove themselves trustworthy to you before you can trust them. So it isnt about you - having trust in God - it is about God showing Himself trustworthy to you.

And as you turn to Him through all of these decisions and needs in your life, He takes care of you - and layers these experiences in your very being to build your trust in Him, layer apon layer apon layer.

Later on in life - man, I just can't tell you how sweet it is because you get so many layers of Him proving Himself and His love and care for you to you - that you start to coast.

It's awesome - it's a dance - it's like watching those Cirque de Soelei acrobats swing through the air - one lets go of the swinging bar - flying through the air beautifully - just knowing that her partner is going to catch her and grab her wrists or ankles at just the right second. - and its beautiful.

All these experiences of financial utter and total dependancy on God prep you for the dance of the rest of your life.

My husband hasnt known God as long as I have and the contrast in our tension levels over money is severe. He loves God just as much as I do - but I have more layers of experience in my foundation from God getting the opportunity to prove Himself to me so many times that i just trust without effort. How can I not right?!

So as trying and unstable as this time in your life can feel - you are training for some new moves in your flying trapeeze act. Trust me. No - Trust Him - He is just proving Himself trustworthy to you. All you have to do is sit back and watch!

oh yes! Preaching to myself here too! Woo!!!