Tuesday, May 30

Once again, my reputation preceeds me. . .

Well, chalk it up to. . .


I talked to my friends, "the pastors," about my, uh, slip-the other night.

And there is a lesson for me in all of this. I know it.

I just can't quite recall it right now. But it's in there.

Yeah? The f-bomb? Eh. I'm over it.

Pretty much anti-climactic admitting my faults-er-slips-er-things.

You know?

I mean, it did prove to me that things I do are usually a bigger deal than I think they are.

Go fig.

But good that I was real with people. Two of the three people standing near me didn't even get that I said that word.

Yet again, go figure.

Someday things will be different. Someday.

Oh, how I love springtime.

1 comment:

Tom Fox said...

Thanks for the kind remark on myspace, I really am not good as I appear, I am just a broken, beat up dude, trying to survive the journey and do the best I can in living for God. Honestly I appreciated the comment, well I didn't hear it, but anyways it was real, it was raw, it was in a sense truth...God totally understands all of us and what we feel, when we hurt, when we are mad, etc...isn't it so awesome that He is totally madly in love with us in spite of all of that. So don't beat yourself up to bad...you are just trying to climb out of the box, and their will be alot of slips along the way.

Have fun on the slide!