Friday, September 30

Mountains = breathtaking

We went up into the mountains today for a very beautiful hike. We went to Panoramic Point where you can see the entire stretch of Rocky Mountains. It made me feel small. Doing things like that remind me that I am but a speck on this earth. And yet God cares about me.

Who knew?

We have been having some great times in worship and really trying to break through our own insecurities and walls. I have found myself being complacent today for some reason. I think it is partly because I am tired. Exhausted actually. We did some crazy manual labor yesterday.

Yesterday we were all on a spiritual high and accomplishment high. We went and worked for a state park clearing dead trees. We were sometimes carrying trees that required four or five of us. It was cool! They were maybe 4-18 inches around and anywhere from 6-8 feet long. We had fun and everyone encouraged each other.

I am probably the most out of shape person in the DTS, and yet I don't feel that way. Everyone is really encouraging to me when we go on hikes or walks. They really help me push myself, let not getting frustrated when I have to stop because I am hitting my limit. I can really see how God put us all together. It's amazing.

My small group is cool. Four students and a staff leader. I can see why God put us all together. We all have had recent breakups that were sucky. One girl is in a relationship right now that God is telling her to leave, and it's fantastic how the rest of us have been able to encourage her through this time and pray for her too.

We are going to Estes Park tomorrow to go hiking and hang out in the town. It is a kind of artsy mountain town I have heard with art stores, shops and a great coffee shop.

No coffee for me though. I am fasting caffeine while I am here. Although I did accidentally drink the caffeinated tea the other day rather than decaf. I had to laugh at myself. It's funny when I do things like that.

Anyway, God is teaching me a lot through the people here. We all serve each other and are so encouraging. It's just confirmation that I am where God wants me to be and the finances and spiritual revelation will come.

Blessed be the name of the Lord. Holla!



aarondaddy said...

Thanks for the prayers. It means a lot knowing you are praying for me/us. I love you and cannot believe how much I miss you already! I love reading your post and I am so excited for you to be there and have this experience. I love the mountains I wish I could see them. Just wanted you to know you are in my prayers as well! Love you lots!

sarah said...

just wanted to say i am reading and missing you and loving you and PROUD OF YOU>>>> I know God will make a way for you to stay there..

Nathan said...

Hey! We miss you! I'm so excited things are going well for you. I need to kick Nathan's butt to get him to write in his Xanga. Kylie got her first haircut last Sunday. She needed it, but it means she is growing up. Sigh!