Tuesday, September 27

Altitude sickness? What's that?

So, this being up in the mountains thing isn't as easy as I thought. I was totally sick the first night here and I went to bed at 8:30!! It was horrible. I felt queasy, but I couldn't just throw up. I had the worst headache ever, and I would get really dizzy if I walked anywhere, especially up stairs.

Today I feel better, praise God, but it is still hard to breathe. I just want to be able to breathe again! It's really frustrating actually. However, I am determined to stick it out. I have heard that altitude sickness is really common, but I had not heard of it until the week before I left. Most people feel better in a week or so.


I have met some amazing people here. There is a couple from Australia that sold their house, cars and IT business just to come here and see what God had for them. They are now my personal heroes. Who does that?! How amazing. I was totally excited to talk to them. It's really funny because I have a whole new list of vocab words after hanging with them for a day and a half.

I really wanted a foreign student to be in my room, and a girl named Ji Sun is my roommate. She is from South Korea and very funny. God has been helping me to reach out to her and help her with her English. (I taught her what janked means. Haha!)

I really think that there is something amazing here for me and that is why it has been so hard. I have been so homesick today due to feeling badly, but I think that it will get better after my body adjusts.

Please keep me in your prayers, as I need physical strength right now to make it.

Also, I have $2195 left to pay on my tuition which is due in three weeks. As well, half of my outreach fee is due.

I found out that I can either go to South Africa (Yes!) for $3200 or to Mexico (Cool too.) for $1200.

I need a miracle, kids.

I love you all! I miss Ohio terribly, but luckily there are lots of people here from Ohio to chat with. Buckeyes have a special bond.


The Sasquatch said...

what does janked mean?

JeannaBelle said...

oh, the secrets of the Meganian language...

Uber_Tech said...

the last year of bible school i was late with my tuition, so i coulded attend class until i came up with the rest of the cheddar
well to make a long story short (because its late and i'm sleepy) i did, He did, it did...
show up, that is
til this day i dont know who paid my tuition for me
that year was a year of extreme need and extreme blessing