Monday, September 26

We made it!!

We're in one piece and safely in Denver, which totally rocks! This place is beautiful! I am already feeling the altitude difference, so I wonder hwta it will be like when I am 8,500 feet in the air on a mountain.

Many things have happened in my emotions lately. I am scared to death in a lot of ways, but also peaceful about a lot. I am really nervous about meeting new people. (I know. Shock.) But I really am excited too. There will be people from other cultures here which is exciting to me.

I met a girl from England today. She is really cool, but sadly only here for another four days. She will be gone when I come down for laundry time this weekend. She's from London and totally funny. She made fun of my accent! I have an accent?! Haha.

Anyway, many funny stories are to come I am sure. I will be updating so you guys who have supported me can see what your money is going for. Haha!!

Keep praying for me!! It has helped me keep my sanity these past few days!!