Tuesday, September 13

And God moved... again...

It's so funny because I felt the need to go and pray for the junior high service tonight. I got there early. I prayed for Fritz to be able to say what God wanted him to say. I prayed for God to touch the hearts of those teens and help them focus on him in major ways. And at least one did, because at the end of the service, she came up to Fritz and Mindy crying. She said that what Fritz said in his teaching had gotten to her. And we all gathered around her and prayed. And she asked God to help her out.

And I have come to believe that God is going to do great things at Highpoint this school year, unlike anything that church has ever seen.

I went to go see my friend Brandy because she had a rough day the other day and I wanted her to know that someone cares. I'm not sure how much good I did. I think I made her nervous or something actually, but I prayed for her as I left. I wished I would have felt the need to pray for her at her house before I left but I did not feel led to do so.

Anyway, her hubby came home right before I left and said that Fritz was in the sanctuary at church talking to all of the girl's friends (the girl that came up to him after the service) and praying with them. What an amazing thing to happen.

I love it when you move in the hearts of people, God. Thank you for letting me see it.

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