Monday, September 19

How great is our God

Yeah, it's been a crazy road these past few months. I am so excited though for what is going to happen that I can't even think of anything else save the fact that God worked things out for me.

Yesterday morning, the main pastor at my church was away speaking at a revival. I didn't think this was going to happen because he was gone, but I really hoped that the leaders of my church would gather around me and pray for me.

Pastor Tom was speaking and he called me up for everyone to pray over me. I started crying so hard, praising God for allowing it. I really didn't think it would happen. God started speaking to people's hearts, cause in like 10 minutes, I had half of the finances I needed to go.

And God is so great, because lots of people asked for my brochure because they wanted to support me in what I was doing. Everyone just kept hugging me and telling me that they were hoping everything worked out for me. They would be praying for me. They loved me.

And I know it was them, but at the same time it wasn't - because God was telling me that through them. I felt that he was pleased with me. I know that he loves me and is happy with me. Because I am trusting him, I know that we are going to become closer and closer as time goes on.

And that excites me!!

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