Friday, September 2

Puppy steak anyone?

Today, I was house sitting for both my friends, Erica & Nathan and Tom & Trish. Erica & Nathan have two dogs: Taylor, a basset hound and Jordan, a Laborador Retriever. Tom & Trish have one dog, Duke, and a neighborhood full of cats! I'll explain later...

So I stayed all night last night at Tom & Trish's after spending a long evening with Taylor and Jordan out of their cages. I figured since I would not be in the same house with them, I'd let them have run of the house before I left. I let them out twice to go potty, so I figured they were good for awhile.

When I woke up this morning, Duke was chillin' on the bed and I let him outside and then took a shower, heading straight over to let Jordan and Taylor out.

I got there and immediately opened the door for Taylor to run outside and go potty. And then i put the leash around Jordan's neck and let her out.

When I looked out into the yard, Taylor had made a run across the street!!! I thought I was going to have a heart attack. She's not my dog! No dead doggies on my shift!

I let Jordan go potty and prayed to God that Taylor wouldn't dart into the street. A man on a bicycle was petting her, so I figured I was safe.

I put Jordan in her cage and then ran across the street to get Taylor. I had to give her food, which I had luckily grabbed post-rescue. She wouldn't come to me right away.

I wanted to kill her! I have watched these dogs before and she has never run across the street like that. Let alone ignored my calling to her.

I took her back to her cage and fed her and Jordan and then turned to leave. I will be back tonight to let them out and run around. I reached for the door, when I saw it...

I pile of poop from the night before. And it was mushy. Not easy to clean up at all! Matter of fact, I think it left a stain on Erica & Nathan's carpet.

Yeah, I wanted to cuss. Ugh.

I looked at Taylor and said, "Who wants to be puppy steak?"


Nathan said...

Welcome to our life...

Meg said...

Yeah, man, there's left over puppy steak in the fridge for ya!

slugmom said...

Hey Meg,
I surfed into your site, you know, a link from a link from a link ... I read back over some of your summer ... I just wanted you to know that 15 years ago I had a similar summer ... broke up with someone I had planned to marry, trying to follow God's leading, crying out to Him to guide me and lead me. I just wanted to encourage you to cling to Him, keep on seeking Him, keep on putting Him first. I hear the strength of your heart, your love for God and desire to serve Him, and I know He will honor that, He will guide you and care for you, and it will be so exciting to see where He takes you. I am excited for you, even though I don't know you, for this walk of faith that you're on, and I'll keep checking in on you, if you don't mind, to see how things go ... I have a friend who went through YWAM training ~ I wish I'd known about it myself when I was young ... younger? LOL. Anyway ... praying for the Lord's continued guidance in your life, and delighted to "meet" a woman with her heart so set upon the Lord.