Monday, September 12

Officially Rejected

YWAM Seattle called me and told me that they were officialy out of spots and therefore rejecting my application. It's so funny how God works. When they called, I had first thought they were calling to say, "Just kidding about that wait list thing! God was just testing your faith! C'mon over to Seattle!" Alas, my sweet Seattle! When will I see you again?

But it's okay. I paid my application fee to Denver today. Frankly, if they reject me, I am going to laugh! I am praying about just going to Denver with Becca anyway if I don't get in and at least visiting the base. Just to check things out. And check the city out! I can probably stay with Becca for a couple of weeks, allowing time for me to buy a discounted plane ticket. I think a trip to Denver would be so much fun!! My friend Ryan is going to be in Denver that week on a layover, and I haven't seen him since New Year. His job transfered him to Switzerland. But, we'll see what God leads me to do.

I have the chance to work at the school again, watching kids this time, but with all of the crazy stuff I have to do packing - wise, I just don't see how I can do it. I am packing up everything this week as if I am going to Denver. I mean, I should do that just in case.

If I happen not to go, I will probably still move. I am not sure what Jack & Angel think about me staying here for another season. I don't know what I'll do about a place to live, but I have to trust that God will work it out for me. He's not let me down yet.

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The Sasquatch said...

A friend of mine is looking for a roommate. She's a nurse here in Columbus. If you're looking for a roommate, let me know and I'll make sure the two of you get together.