Saturday, October 1

Elks is cool

Oh man! We did some pretty cool stuff today. We went to Estes Park, CO and walked around town checking out stores. I tried some amazing salt water taffy. It was so good. I also introduced my new Aussie friends to some American snacks that they haven't tried before. Like salt water taffy. It was funny. We all really liked it.

My friend Sheryl gave me some sunglasses today which was such a blessing because mine broke like the day before we left.

I was really missing my crew from Ohio this morning for some reason, and so I cried like all morning. But then my small group leader came up and talked to me and I felt better. She prayed for me too. It was cool.

I got cell phone service when we went to Estes Park and so I made a few phone calls. It made me feel better. I love hearing from them all.

We went to a golf course when in Estes and we saw elk like really close up. I mean really close up. One female even started running toward me and made me jump. It was funny. It's mating season and she was trying to get away from a bull who was checking her out. I was literally like five yards from a male elk. It was so awesome! Those things are huge!

Tomorrow, I am going to a church right by the Arvada base called Faith Bible Chapel. I am pretty stoked too. I'm ready for some cool worship. We have worship through music like every other day here. It's so rad!

Soon our speakers will start and we can really dig deep into what God wants for our lives and I totally excited about that. I have really bonded with some of my DTS Mates here and I am excited to see those relationships grow deeper through God's refining.

Thanks to all my supporters who have taken the time and made the sacrifice in order to help me be trained up and prepared for full-time service to Jesus. I am so thankful for your obedience to God.

For those of you that got my brochure and didn't feel led to support me, I am so thankful to you for listening to God and choosing to obay him in this. Thank you for your strength.

All right kids, I gotta go bond more.


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teacher4JC said...

You have GOT to check out the ARVADA Vineyard. The Pastors name is JAY Pathak. He was one of the speakers at Breath. He was so great!!!