Monday, October 3

Holiness is what I long for?

So, today our very first speaker came to teach us. He's an Aussie. So cool! Um, but I about had a cow when he began talking about holiness. I guess my Nazzys back home must have been praying for me to be wiser about that. Haha!

I had lunch with him and that was really cool! Five Students get to have a meal with the speaker every day and it is so cool because you get to share a side you're not going to get in class.

I found out today that more of my tuition money has come in, and that is such a blessing! Thank you guys so much for supporting me guys!

I will share more later with you, but I need to let my classmates get to this computer.


lipstickface said...

whats a nazzy?

JeannaBelle said...

Nazarene Yo! We are a christian denomenation...
Holiness!!! w00t!!!